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Polaroids will come into two categories i.e BIG POLAROIDS- Set of 12(each of size 3*3.5in), MINI POLAROIDS- Set of 25(each of size 2.1*3.3 in). You can also write some texts below the polaroids. 

Upload your images and then add text if you want text below your images. 

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Two type of Sizes Available, Big(3*3.5in), Mini(2.1*3.3in)
Single Side Printing will be there.

Delivery Time

5-7 business days

Exclusive Offers

Need a different quantity? Contact us for customized options and pricing.
Upload upto 2 designs for 2000 quantity, 3 designs for 3000 quantity, and more!

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Polaroids are like magic moments captured on paper. They're special because they instantly turn real-life scenes into tangible memories you can hold in your hands. With a Polaroid camera, you can snap a photo and watch it develop right before your eyes. It's like seeing a memory come to life right in front of you!

These photos have a unique charm. They're not perfect like digital pictures. They have a vintage feel, with their slightly faded colors and the unmistakable white border. But that's what makes them so wonderful—they're full of character and nostalgia.


Are design charges included in the cost mentioned above?

No, design charges are not included in the mentioned cost. Please contact us separately for design charges. The above cost covers printing expenses only.

What is the turnaround time for polaroids printing?

The turnaround time for polaroids printing will be 1 day only

Can i add some text on the bottom side of image.

Yes, You can do easily, just add your text after uploading your images and we will send your final design before printing.

Can i add black color background in my polaroids?

Yes, you can add any color background in your polaroids. Just upload your final dimensions polaroids in upload section.

Can i take 20 set of polaroids.

If you want to change any quantity of polaroids. Just contact us on whatsapp.

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